The realisation that you're supposed to keep a blog on your website has coincided almost perfectly with me going into this full time.

Since last autumn my partner Craig and I have been having so much fun coming up with ideas, throwing together our skills and seeing what comes from them. Although Craig's experience is in minimalist, clean design (he's a furniture designer and has worked for contemporary Scandinavian brands) and mine is in illustration (with a passion for all things vintage and shabby chic), we agreed on everything we came up with - it was a marriage of tastes! 

We always had a really strong vision - more on that later - but the date for when I would take it on as a full-time commitment was a lot more vague.

How do you know when to jump!? Do you wait for the first booking, for so many bookings to flood in that you couldn't possibly keep your day job too, maybe? Or do you just take a deep breath, hold on to every positive comment and assurance that your business will flourish and muster all the self belief you have as you hit send on your resignation email? Well, I put my hand up to that last one! I wonder how many other would-be entrepreneurs and start-up businesses relate to this leap?

For Craig, the decision was quite straight forward. He was and still is a freelance designer who reserves some time for projects like this. As a remote freelancer, most of Craig's work is computer based and sedentary, so the chance to get hands on and covered in sawdust is a dream side for him. 

So, here we are, officially a full-time, trading business, with all systems go on making a full catalogue of hire items to become that one stop shop in decorative hire! It may be the scariest thing I've ever done, but it's also the most fun, creative and exciting. Wedding season is getting started and we'll be attending events, bringing out products in quick succession and refining our brand and website. Today we're photographing and hopefully sharing a new product we're super excited about!