Our new reclaimed wood backdrop

We just took our brand new reclaimed wood backdrop out into the woods for a mini photo shoot, and we are in love with how it turned out!

We're in the process of developing an automated photo booth which we want 3-5 interchangeable backdrops for. Reclaimed wood seemed like the obvious first choice - pallets are in abundance on our premises and we've always loved the character and variety you find by breaking them up. The mix of tone, grain and finish lends itself so well to that rustic, country feel.

Aside from washing the wood we didn't want to mess with it. Sanding and varnishing can make it all look the same - give us raw, scarred wood any day for this kind of project!

Next up is a vintage wallpaper backdrop, then an old-school chalkboard one. 

Meanwhile, our photo booth is at planning stage while we await local funding. We'll use an iPad Pro and studio lighting for high quality image capture, a dye sublimation printer for near instant prints, and a neat wooden box to house it all. We'll share the joys and challenges of it here!