We're Ellie and Craig, and we make cool stuff for weddings and events!

Through our relationship, creativity has always been a strong theme. We met at art school, and with my background in Illustration/Graphic Design and Craig's Furniture Design career, we've always talked about the possibility of setting up a little business together that made the best of both our skills.

Maybe it's something to do with being in your mid *ahem!* late twenties and attending lots of weddings, but we started paying attention to those beautiful details that transform a big empty room into the magical wonderland you want to exchange vows and shed tears of joy with your dearest in. Before long, conversations turned to sketches, and sketches turned to late nights covered in sawdust and paint as we built what we thought there should be more of in the events industry - less plastic, more wood; less shiny, more rustic and wild.

Now we have a little hire catalogue and are expanding into wedding styling, stationery and super cool bridal merchandise.

Want to know more or chat to us? Awesome! Check out our contact page and get in touch :)